The Resurrection Makes All the Difference

by Joy Dyer

I understood Christ was perfect. I understood that because of the fall, sin entered the world and we’re all sinners, and that is why we needed Jesus and that He had to die so we could live. It made sense. That realization even gave me compassion for others. And because of that, I thought it was personal. Then yesterday, BAM! HE Died! For ME!! When He was resurrected, so was I! The life I have is His life, not mine! Without Him, there is no life.

Reading this, yeah, I knew it in my head and I thought I knew it in my heart but when He opened my eyes (and only He can), it hit me like a brick.

I’ve been praying and seeking Him and He’s shown me that you can’t look at His Word with any presuppositions of your own. I’ve had to examine what and why I believe the way I do in the light of His Word. Otherwise, you struggle to make it make sense and everything conflicts at some point. If I want to grow in Him, I have to let go of my own thoughts and my own will so He can change me. He can and will if I truly seek Him with all my heart. He has so much for me to enter in to and to give me because He loves me, but for selfish reasons I was putting Him aside and I didn’t even realize it until now. My foundation was unstable (because it was mine).

Circumstances don’t matter. He matters. He wants to change me, not my circumstance. Praise God, He is longsuffering! I have life! His life!

He has given us his Word to help us. For so long the connection between His Word and the lives we live, well, there hasn’t really been a connection. You have his Word and it’s full of great moral stuff, but then you have your life. We’re all pretty good at learning the roles we think we’re supposed to play in life to fit in. When the “brick” hit me, it all connected. I have His life which gives Me life which exalts His Word! He is the truth, the life, the way! Praise God!

The experience of the reality of the Resurrection is not just seasonal, but spiritual, emotional, physical. It is REAL! He raised me up! ME! I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! I thought I understood that “I can’t do it on my own, only He can and all that,” but now I know I have the same power living in me that Paul had. I ‘get it.’

He has given me that assurance. He is worthy. Him alone! He is real. He is Here! I have peace and joy. The struggle is gone. It was enough. Nothing I do can add or take away what He has done. It is finished!

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