When I First Met Brother Thomas

By Lettie Pearl McNeill

Brother Thomas came to North Carolina years ago.
The first time I heard him preach was on the radio.
I had never heard a preacher preach like he did that day.
He said you had to be born again and Jesus Christ was the way.

The word that he preached touched my heart that day.
I said I want to go hear him if he comes my way.
I had been going to church about all my life,
But deep down in my heart I knew something was not right.

I had joined the church when I was a child.
I could not understand I had no peace inside.
I was just a lost church member trying to live right,
But I could not no matter how hard I tried.

Brother Thomas came to Carthage to preach to lost souls.
How long he had been there I did not know.
A friend of mine came by and asked me to go.
The devil came to me and said, “You say no.”

She said, “Come on and go with me, he preaches the Word.”
I knew he did for I had already heard.
So I went to hear him preach that night.
I heard the word of God and I began to see the light.

The Spirit of God would keep speaking to me,
So I went one night and I got on my knees.
I cried out to God and he saved my soul.
Then I wanted the world to know.

I wanted to tell everybody that I would meet.
I wanted to tell them what the Lord had done for me.
I had a peace that the world could not give.
For the Lord I wanted to live.

I was saved under Brother Thomas’s ministry. The word that he preached is planted in my heart today, and no one can take it away. Brother Thomas has gone on to be with the Lord. The word that he preached will live on in people’s hearts for evermore.

By Lettie Pearl McNeill
Age 85

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