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October-November-December 2016

A Time to Prepare / A Glimpse of Our Destiny / The Comfort of God

July-August-September 2016

Be The Clay

April-May-June 2016

Participating in His Purpose / Walk While Ye Have the Light

January-February-March 2016

Valley of Decision / Christians in the Night / ONENESS: How Important? / A Most Divine Sandwich / All He is to Me / The Captain of Salvation

October-November-December 2015

Life Out of Death / Your Adversary / The Name of the Lord

July-August-September 2015

First Love / Persevering Prayer / God;’s Power

April-May-June 2015

The Battle is the Lord’s / Through Paths of Dryness and Desertion / God’s Plan for the Church

January-February-March 2015

People Who Know Their God / God’s Last Move

October-November-December 2014

The Truth About Ourselves / The Sin Unto Death / Forgiveness

July-August-September 2014

Be Ready / Is The United Nations the Beast of Daniel and Revelation? / God Will Invade

April-May-June 2014

Homosexuality and the Bible / Forgiveness / Amazing Grace / Jesus My Carpenter

January-February-March 2014

Standing Firm in the Faith / The True Heart of Worship / An Unforgettable Conversion / A Testimony of God’s Love / The Time Will Come / These Hands

October-November-December 2013

The Missing Ingredient / I Stand in Awe / Lost and Found

July-August-September 2013

Selected chapters from Sudden Death Overtime: Chapter 2: What Did Jesus Say? / Chapter 8: Why I Believe as I Do / Chapter 9: The Visitation

April-May-June 2013

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 5b / A Vision of Judgment / The Awakening / Words of Wisdom from Solomon

January-February-March 2013

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 5a / There is a River / Fear Not, Only Believe / The Proper Order

October-November-December 2012

Newtown / The Battle of the Ages / The Necessity of War / The Beast / I Am

July-August-September 2012

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 10 / Husbands Love Your Wives / My Perspective on Bro. Thomas / His Armor

April-May-June 2012

Repentance and Forgiveness / Help! I Need Deliverance / December Day in Florida / Apples of Gold, Pictures of Silver

January-February-March 2012

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 9 / Redeemed From the Curse / Are You a Slave to Alcohol? / This Thing is From Me / The Comfort of God / I asked...He gave

October-November-December 2011

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 8 / How Long, Oh Lord?

July-August-September 2011

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 7 / One Man Pastor / Law and Grace: Answer to a Letter / Awakened and Delivered / Oneness: How Important?

April-May-June 2011

What Does Deception Look Like? Part 6 / Your Adversary / I Never Heard This Before / The Great Falling Away / Deliverance From Prayerlessness

January-February-March 2011

What About Hell? / Ministry of Women / Letter to a Stuggling Seeker

October-November-December 2010

Is Your Jesus Too Small? / Excerpt from The Pilgrim's Progress / The Origin of Your Activity / The Church, Christ’s Body

July-August-September 2010

Be The Clay / A Human Vehicle of the Divine Life / Convention Photos

A Time to Prepare