July-September 2022

We Lack Nothing

by Phil Enlow

The Awakening and Restoration

by C. Parker Thomas

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus! As October draws near we are finally seeing cooler nights and days that are less hot. More importantly, the Lord continues to dwell in our midst and make His wonderful presence known in many ways. We praise Him!

At the time of the last issue we were approaching the June convention. We had a great time of fellowship and refreshing as many gathered from several states. We were also much blessed as Bro. Kumar, from India, was once again able to be with us. He gave a wonderful testimony of God’s ongoing faithfulness, both with regards to the covid pandemic, and also the gospel outreach into many unreached areas. Despite much opposition, God’s word is reaching those He has foreknown. Remember God’s work in India and throughout the world. It is a late hour but God has promised to reach His own before the end.

Over the recent Labor Day weekend we also had a much-blessed Youth Camp. It was held at a great facility on a lake in Eastern North Carolina. There was both a lot of fun but more importantly some very real spiritual fellowship. Several were baptized early on Labor Day morning. Pray for the next generation that God will work in every heart and prepare them for their place in the outworking of His plan.

The main article is from a recent service in which the Lord encouraged His people, not only with the fact that we have a very real Shepherd, but also with the fact that due to His faithful provision, we indeed have all we need.

The other article is a reprint of a 1983 article by Bro. Thomas. As the introduction says, it is very interesting to see from our perspective how things have developed.

Every day brings an avalanche of headlines that remind us how much things have changed and how rapidly the devil is being allowed to take over the minds and hearts of those who are lost. Truly, there are two harvests rapidly nearing maturity. Soon both will be reaped and nothing will remain but judgment. It is time to be wide awake. We have all we need!

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow