January-February-March 2020

Seeds of the Kingdom

by Phil Enlow

Christians in the Night

by Phil Enlow

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Editor's Letter

Dear Saints,

Greetings once again in the wonderful name of Jesus! First, our apologies for not getting out an issue for October-December. It just seemed like nothing came together and it was a busy time.

We did enjoy one special blessing during that time as our dear Bro. Kumar from India came for a visit. He had been trying to get a visa for years and it was finally granted. He had the opportunity to visit all four assemblies and we enjoyed our time with him. Some of us had visited him and his people a number of times but he had never been able to visit us.

The lead article this time is once again adapted from a message preached awhile ago. It explores a rich and simple truth found throughout the scriptures. God is revealed as the great Divine Gardener, planting a crop in this temporary corrupted creation that will ripen and be ready to step into a pure, incorruptible, eternal creation that He has prepared for us. We are that crop.

Our Lord Jesus is Himself the first seed of that new creation. His earthly body represented the outer part of that seed that had to die to release the inner life that would spring forth with new creation life. In embracing death, He also embraced the life that is truly life, and ever since has been reproducing that life in those who hear and surrender to the gospel.

Thus do we in turn become “seeds,” possessing eternal life in temporal bodies. We too are called to “die daily” that true life will be expressed despite the opposition of our bodies and the spiritual condition of the world around us. The harvest is the end of the age, and it is coming! Our hope is sure, not because of who or what we are in ourselves but because of God’s purpose perfectly carried out in Christ!

The other article, “Christians in the Night,” has been published a number of times over the years but I felt it was time to edit and revise it, to give it a slight update. The message itself is more relevant with each passing day as spiritual “night” deepens on planet earth.

Men and women are making choices every day with eternal consequences and God’s people are called to serve Him in spite of conditions around them. There is a separation taking place. Which side are you on?

We continue to experience many blessings as we see the Lord at work in lives. It is not about “numbers” or outward excitement but about inward transformation. I would rather have a spirit of peace and unity in the Lord’s presence than great crowds and temporary emotions.

Just a note: this year’s June convention is scheduled for June 24-27 in Jacksonville, Florida. It is always a time of blessing and fellowship and we always have folks come to be with us. Ask the Lord about it, and come if He leads and gives peace. We’d love to see you!

Whether you are able to come or not we always covet your prayers that we may be enabled to faithfully serve the Lord in such an hour.

Till next time may God’s rich blessings be yours.

Your brother in Christ,
Phil Enlow