Encouraging Words

Heb. 10:25 “... let us encourage one another — and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”

The Beauty of God’s Love for Us

Thoughts by Carrie Lynn Seneca

“ln this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” If this does not give unshakable faith, and trust, in Our Father, I don’t know what can.... The battle has already been won!! God tells us this, so we need not be scared, as we go through all the hardships of the world, as we are just starting to see today. As long as we have faith, and seek Him first in all we do, we have nothing to fear. The battle has already been won! We know we will be victorious in His glory!!

It's so hard for people to understand, God only brings perfect peace and love to us. Anything else is not of Him, therefore of the world, and all the evil it holds in it. Every negative feeling or thought we have, is NOT what God intends, or wants, for us. We have to recognize it as such, daily, and cast it down to the pits of hell, whence it came, and not dwell in it.

It's really easy to get stuck in the world view of what anxiety, depression, fear, anger, jealousy, etc., is. To the world, these things are usually blamed on mental illnesses and personality disorders, or just on the stress of everyday life. But in reality, it is spirits causing these issues, trying to make us focus on the negative of life, rather than living and dwelling in the glorious light of Jesus!!

Once God opens your eyes, everything is so clear to see. But I understand how hard it is, to those who have not reached that place yet. I was there for years and years, not fully understanding all of who God is, His love for every one of us, His grace and mercy, what it truly means to be accepted and loved for exactly who we are. I spent my whole life, looking everywhere, in ALL the wrong places, for exactly what God offers us. And He is RIGHT THERE, every moment of our lives, waiting patiently, and lovingly, for us to come to that realization. Once we do, it’s so clear to see, like a veil has been lifted. Only then do we realize too, the tricks, deceptions, lies, and distractions, satan uses to keep us from seeing, and even believing in, The Truth. It’s wild...

Of course! You needn’t even ask.

What a blessing!

Faith then becomes a no-brainer. Give it ALL to God! Every tear, every shameful moment, every hurt, we have to give it ALL to Him, because that’s His gift to us. He gave His only son, so we can be set free from ALL of it! Why would we want to hold onto it, living in all that pain, when we can receive God’s gift, and be set free? When I think of sacrificing my son, as God did for me, it brings me to tears, and to my knees. Knowing His son, Jesus, took ALL our pain and suffering unto Himself, and physically took our punishments upon Himself, and He died so that WE may live...l don’t have words. My heart nears to bursting with gratefulness, thankfulness, love, and...pure AWE...standing in the greatness, and beauty, of God’s love for us.

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