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Q & A

What Do You Mean, The Remnant Church?

What About “This Doctrine” or “That One”?

How Many Parts Are There in Man?

I Can't Find a Church. What Should I Do?
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What Denomination Are You? What is Your Doctrinal Statement?

May We Become Affiliated With You?

Help! I Need Deliverance.

Help! I’m Struggling to Come to Faith.

Help! I’m a Teenager in Need.
Questions About Unanswered Prayer

What About Genesis? History or Myth?

A Cry for Sexual Purity

Questions About Pornography

What About This Cult, or That One?

What About Eternal Security?

What About Michael Brown’s Book, “Revolution”?

The Problem of Evil
Believing in a Loving God in a Suffering World

Help! I've Opened Myself Up to Demons.

Law and Grace: Answer to a Letter

How Do You Overcome Legalism?

Help! My Church is Becoming Legalistic.

What About the Sabbath?

Another Question About the Sabbath

Are the Ten Conmmanements Revelant Today?

Isn’t Christmas a Heathen Festival?

What Does God Mean to You?

A Question About the “Millennium”

Can a Christian be Demon Possessed?

Is My Experience or Such-and-Such a Prophet of God?

What About Tithing?

Questions About the “Laughing Revival” of the Mid 1990s

Revival? or Satanic Counterfeit?

Revival? or Satanic Counterfeit? Part 2

I don’t Agree With You About the Current Revival

Passage from Lying Signs and Wonders 1995

What Are Your Qualifications for Judging Revival?

What About “Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater”?

Tragic Letter From a “Revival” Casualty

Tragedy Averted — Blood of Christ Stops “Revival” Manifestation

Howling Like Wolves

Revival? Changed But Not for the Better

What Do You Consider to be Genuine Revival?