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A worldwide ministry of spiritual rest and preparation for God's Remnant Church in the earth in view of the soon return of Jesus Christ.

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Homosexuality and the Bible

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Quote: The Missing Ingredient

The Missing Ingredient

For the last several months I have had a recurring burden. I believe it is from the Lord. You be the judge. This burden concerns a critical ingredient missing in much of modern Christianity.

And along with the burden the thought has often arisen in my mind, “And just who are you? What gives you any right or authority to speak about the things you are concerned about?” Of course, the simple answer would be that in myself I am nobody of consequence. The issues that concern me affect me as much as they do anyone else. I am in no position to speak “down” to others but rather seek only to share the burden with those to whom God gives ears to hear. Again, you be the judge — prayerfully.

One Inch Deep

I once heard the American church described as “3000 miles wide and one inch deep.” Ouch. But is that not an accurate description? Thank God for every pocket of genuine life but the average church of today bears little resemblance to that of the New Testament, even considering all the problems addressed by Paul in his letters.

That is hardly news to any thoughtful observer of the modern church. Indeed the proposed solutions to making the church more effective and relevant seemingly have no end. In their zeal to appeal to modern society... More