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A worldwide ministry of spiritual rest and preparation for God's Remnant Church in the earth in view of the soon return of Jesus Christ.

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January-February-March MCM

Homosexuality and the Bible

Quote: Overcoming Legalism

How Do You Overcome Legalism?

There is so much teaching in religion today that comes under the broad heading of “legalism.” Legalism, often by word and always by spirit, conveys the idea to people that their relationship to God is one of law-keeping, of do’s and don’ts. They are made to feel that if they conform to the particular religious standard then God will approve of them and regard with favor as righteous. If they fall short, they are made to feel that they are condemned, disapproved of by God and perhaps even rejected.

This is surely a major category of the kind of “vain deceit” to which Paul refers in Col. 2:8. It is religious ideas that are conveyed by some means other than the Spirit of God ministering faith through the Living Word. We must have both Spirit and Truth (John 4:24). Without a proper balance the door is wide open for all kinds of false spirits to work...more...